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Conference "On the Run"


On the Run

Conference on European and Pacific Responses to Climate Change in the Pacific


Conference of the initiative Pacific Networking in Europe, the Network of Pacific Groups in Germany and the Pacific Conference of Churches (Fiji) in cooperation with Bread for the World, Mission EineWelt, the Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany, the North-Elbian Centre for World Mission and Church World Service, Missio Aachen as well as Misereor 

Berlin, November 19 to 21, 2010



One week before the sixteenth Conference of the Parties (COP 16) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) started in Cancún, the European-Pacific conference “On the Run – European and Pacific Responses to Climate Change in the Pacific” took place in Berlin. From November 19 to 21 around 50 participants from six European countries as well as from Kiribati and Fiji discussed the issue of climate change and migration in the Pacific. In a Final Statement the participants call for more attention of the issue of migration in the negotiations on climate change, especially for the most vulnerable countries.



Final Statement of the participants of the Conference on European and Pacific Responses to Climate Change in teh Pacific - On the Run


The proceedings und papers presented at the conference "On the Run" are now published in the conference report. You can download the report at this website.


Conference Report_On the Run (4.5 MB)


As the conference also marked the forthcoming end of the three-year term of the project “Pacific Networking in Europe” we were very happy that so many representatives of European Pacific groups found their way to Berlin. There was a lot of exchange of experiences during and alongside the conference and new contacts were made.

 Group photo


Participating groups from the Pacific region:

-          Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC), Fiji, www.pcc.org.fj

-          Pacific Calling Partnership, Australia/Kiribati, www.erc.org.au/pcp



Participating groups and organisations/institutions from Europe:

-          Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, Switzerland/Thailand, www.aippnet.org

-          Austrian South Pacific Society (OSPG), Austria, www.ospg.org

-          ClimateFriend, Great Britain, www.clemmiesconche.com

-          European Commission, DG Development, Belgium, http://ec.europa.eu/development/index_en.cfm

-          German East Timor Society (DOGT), Germany, www.osttimor.de

-          German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Germany, www.giga-hamburg.de

-          Greenpeace, International/Germany, www.greenpeace.org

-          Netherlands Kiribati Friendship Association, The Netherlands, www.kiribati.nl

-          Network of Pacific Groups in Germany (Pazifik-Netzwerk e.V.), Germany, www.pazifik-infostelle.org

-          Pacific Islands Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland (PISUKI), Great Britain, www.pacificislandsuk.org

-          South Pacific Workgroup/DM-Exchange and Mission, Switzerland

-          Watch Indonesia!, Germany, www.watchindonesia.org/Index-engl.htm

-          West Papua Network, Germany, www.west-papua-netz.de

-          World Council of Churches, Switzerland, www.oikoumene.org