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About PNE
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Pacific Networking in Europe
Coopération Euro-Pacifique

Dear Partners! Dear Friends! Greetings to everybody!

The newly established project “Pacific Networking in Europe” (PNE) is up and running.
My name is Katja Göbel and I have been given the task to organise and coordinate the project. As this is a part-time assignment we are still moving forward only slowly but step by step, and we expect to start with our services to you soon. This homepage is under construction now but we work on it to get it finally run over the next months.

I am looking forward to provide you
with an e-mailed news bulletin on a more or less regular basis. You are invited to participate by providing news, ideas and contributions you would like to be distributed amongst us. We hope to be able to extend our network throughout Europe and beyond.

I have already gained some experience with networking because I have worked with the German Pacific Information Office (PIO) for about three years and I still continue to do so (part-time also, of course). We have the support of the PIO and its partners as well as of many groups in Europe who have welcomed this initiative when first contacted in 2007 by the Network of Pacific Groups in Germany.

To get everybody involved who is interested in this initiative and to provide all interested persons and organisations with relevant and up-to-date information we offer a new platform for individuals and organisations with an interest in the Pacific in Europe and for people and organisations in the Pacific Islands who are interested in the connections and the relations between the Pacific region and Europe.

Who we are?
“Pacific Networking in Europe” (PNE) is an initiative of the non-governmental registered association Network of Pacific Groups in Germany (Pazifik-Netzwerk e.V., www.pazifik-netzwerk.org – sorry, until now the website is only available in German). PNE is during its start-up phase financially sponsored by “Bread for the World” (www.brot-fuer-die-welt.de/english/index.php) and supported by the Pacific Network. It works in cooperation with the Pacific Information Office (www.pazifik-infostelle.org). The board of the Pacific Information Office is offering advise to the project and all its partners have offered assistance in various forms. We are inviting additional sponsors and supporters needed to keep the project going in the long run.

What are our aims?
Since the European Centre on Pacific Issues (ECSIEP) has closed down in 2007 we felt, that we have to make an effort to bring together the European community upon Pacific concerns again. Over 25 years ECSIEP linked up groups in Europe and the Pacific to cope with topics like the relation of the European Union (EU) and Pacific Islands. In special the organisation worked on issues like the militarization and nuclear testing in the Pacific, independence movements in Hawai'i, New Caledonia and French Polynesia as well as other topics like the impact of international fishing companies, etc. ECSIEP was also involved in the hearings leading to the Cotonou Agreement between the EU and the African, Caribbean and Pacific Islands (ACP states). ECSIEP was the secretariat of the “European Pacific Solidarity” Movement (EPS) established in 1992. EPS has been an initiative of churches and civil society organisations of different European countries, which came together in their concern of the future of the Pacific Islands in respect of human rights, peace, ecology and development.

In 2007 we all realised that without ECSIEP there will be a deep lack of European-Pacific-Solidarity in means of exchange of news, ideas, contact, debate and activities regarding European-Pacific issues. Therefore the Network of Pacific Groups handed in an application to obtain financial support to build up a new and somewhat small follow-up project “Pacific Networking in Europe”. Bread for the World finally made available funding in 2008 which will support the project during the initial three years.

Our concerns, focus and actions
One of our priority aims is to offer groups, organisations and individuals a possibility for exchanging thoughts, knowledge and solidarity upon and to the Pacific Islands. We also want to offer a platform to exchange information on events, activities, assistance and questions on a structural partnership between Europe and the Pacific. Pacific Networking in Europe wants to act like a liaison office for people, institutions and groups to share information on the Pacific and the Euro-Pacific relations and to help each other.

In this course we are building up a network enabling us to connect people, who are working on the Pacific in Europe as well as people from the Pacific Islands, who are interested in and working on the relationships between the EU and the Pacific Islands (e.g. on issues like EPAs, deep sea mining, fishing, deforestation, mining, etc.). At the moment we are establishing contact with relevant organisations within the European Union.

Please feel invited to use our platform to spread information and to discuss issues and concerns relevant to the Pacific Islands.

If you do want to receive our news bulletin just inform me at   info [ at ] pacific-net.eu

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to receive your requests.